4-H Youth Development

4-H Youth Development programming is more than just our traditional community clubs.  We have various methods of outreach in Eau Claire County, from programming in afterschool settings to working with community partners.  4-H is taken right to students in many school districts and classrooms, where it provides enrichment and life skill development to youth-even if they are not members of traditional 4-H.  Our programs also allow us to partner with community organizations, helping strengthen positive youth development in the county.


Our 4-H Youth Development Agent position is currently vacant. Andy Heren, our Administrative Specialist, is currently handling many 4-H matters, along with various leaders. If you have any questions regarding Eau Claire County 4-H, please contact him at the email or phone number below, and he will gladly answer your questions about 4-H.

Email: Andy.Heren@co.eau-claire.wi.us
Phone: 715.839.4712


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