Tree Pruning Workshop in Eau Claire

This one-day workshop, November 9, 2017, will show how to properly prune trees, from new tree training to mature tree maintenance to create a strong enduring structure, maintain vigor, and achieve specific municipal objectives.

The workshop will include classroom instruction on pruning fundamentals and outdoor demonstration of personal protective equipment and pruning methods and techniques.

Who is it for?

Community public works and parks employees, tree board members, managers, and others who have responsibility for or are involved in community  tree pruning. Audience may also include groundskeepers, landscape contractors, tree & lawn care firms, nursery retailers, Master Gardeners and Volunteers. The attendees may or may not have some experience.

Nathan Schuettpelz and Ryan Rodefer of  Wachtel Tree Science, Inc. will be the instructors.

Registration brochure is here.